Frame Fitness

Frame Fitness

Frame Fitness is a subscription based exercise app built to work on a smart pilates machine where users can partake in classes and track their progress.

Frame Fitness
Frontend Development

Project overview

The app allows the user to subscribe and set up profiles with their training goals. After this initial setup you are prompted to the app home where you can peruse through a variety of exercises, trainers and classes. After this you can take the classes with a video player overlaid with important biometric information regarding your exercise.


The client first approached us as consultants for the project that had barely started and already had several issues. What started with suggestions, was followed by fixes and light development and culminated in our team taking over the entire project given our performance with the tasks assigned to us. There were some challenges given the status of the project when we were contacted, but we gave the client the solutions and peace of mind they were looking for.

Project results

The results were a very satisfied client, and a successful MVP for the startup working on this technology that allowed them to raise funds and take their ideas to the next level. The app was not only visually pleasing following the provided Figma designs, but also the custom video player designed beat the client expectations. 

Frame Fitness